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With our value-oriented corporate approach, we offer products, solutions and services that meet the needs of our customers in flexible business solutions with the power we receive from experience, experience and knowledge.
Server and Storage
A storage area network (SAN) or storage network is a Computer network which provides access to consolidated, block level data storage.
Premises Cabling
A Premises cabling system is a complete system of cabling , which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure.
IP Telephony
IP phone (Internet Protocol phone) can be used to connect voice, fax and etc. transmission systems.
Data Center Solutions
A data center is a building that is used to host a building, a space within a building, or computer systems and related components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.
IP Based ULV Systems
Proberge designs and implements systems such as CCTV, TV, Cards Access in intelligent buildings as IP-based systems.
Engineering Services
In the light of the international standards and norms such as BICSI, TIA, UPTIME Institute, Proberge designs and implements OBO, USACE, NAVFAC and MATOC projects .
Local Area Network
A local area network (LAN) is a computer network within a geographical area such as a hospital, hotel, airport, office building or group of buildings.